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People’s intentions vary when it comes to volunteering. While the goals behind volunteering are usually to benefit the good of an individual or group of people, there are also a lot of personal gains you can get out of volunteering that improve your life drastically. What’s more, volunteering can have contagious affects throughout your life and your community. Below are five ways that volunteering can provide positive effects on your personal life.

Volunteering Can Give You Fulfillment

It can be difficult to find fulfillment in life if you aren’t getting out there and doing something meaningful to yourself. Volunteering can be fun, too! You get to meet people, exercise your mind and body, and put yourself in a position of giving, which in turn often gives more meaning to your existence.

Volunteering Can Advance Your Career

Employers are recognizing the benefit that comes from hiring prospects that have a strong background in volunteering and philanthropy. Volunteering provides individuals with the ability to network, develop skills in leadership and teamwork. There are endless ways that volunteering can advance your career.

Volunteering Connects You to Others

Volunteering obviously comes with goals and tasks that need to be completed, however along the way it can become a hugely social activity to take part in. There are few volunteering opportunities in which you don’t interact with others. Volunteering provides you with opportunities to socialize and develop new connections, as well as teamwork skills.

Volunteering Improves Self-Esteem

When you are giving back to your community and helping improve someone else’s situation, you will naturally feel a sense of accomplishment. This feeling can help boost self-confidence and overall mental well-being. If you choose to walk the route of volunteering for a long period of time, you may start to form an identity around the role, giving you a sense of purpose and belonging.

Volunteering Can Help You Get Fit

Many volunteering opportunities are physically demanding. Whether you are building homes, clearing out garden plots, moving furniture, or stacking cans, you’ll need to use your body in some shape or form. Standing and serving soup, or lifting boxes all day gives you a chance to break out of your normal routine and add some physical activity to your day.


Even if you volunteer for an hour a week, or on a weekend once a month, you may see profound results in your life for the better. There are endless opportunities to get out there and volunteer, and you will be doing a service to not only the community around you, but for yourself as well! With so many options out there, everyone should be able to find a niche where they feel truly passionate about the work that they’re doing. If you’re interested in volunteering, check out to help you get started.