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Central America

Countries throughout Central America remain as some of the most popular for missionaries. 150 years since Southern Baptists first started evangelizing this area, there are still over 300 groups of people with many different language dialects who have yet to be reached. Even for those who have been, sharing new beliefs and listening to their own could foster a multitude of spiritual benefits.


Missions in Africa first started in the 1800s. Hospitals and schools are often run by missionaries throughout the continent, some of which are the only sources of health benefits and education for people in these areas. Africa is a changed continent both spiritually and culturally because of the missionary efforts that have lasted hundreds of years.


With civil unrest in Haiti, although it may not be the first choice for missionaries these days, the need is there more than ever. A Christian group called Foundation for Peace arranges Haitian mission trips which are led by a Haitian staff. The country itself has benefited greatly from outside assistance following a recent string of natural disasters.


Here is an extensive list of Christian mission groups in India. Even with so many, India remains primarily a Hindu country. As this article states, “With over 400 languages spoken and 2,554 entire people groups that are considered unreached with the Gospel, India can legitimately be argued as the greatest missionary challenge in the world.”


The Jesuits established the first long-lasting mission in China. Even though Christianity is not outlawed there, there are certain chapters of the Bible and rituals the government will not allow. The most popular missions there are underground or house churches, which can often be targets of persecution.

mission-tripsSouth America

In this continent, Brazil is an interesting nation. Though it’s called the largest Catholic nation in the world, most do not practice that faith. It is also now known as the most Pentecostal nation in the world, as well. Because the Evangelical population is so small, Evangelicals consider it to be an area needing continued attention.


With the ever-growing secular society in the United States, missionaries are needed in this country more than ever. As a melting pot of people from around the world, evangelizing America has far-reaching benefits without U.S. missionaries having to travel far.