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Donating internationally is a great way to spread charitable efforts to those in need that you may not be able to otherwise reach in person. However, before doing so, you should keep a few considerations in mind to make sure that your donation truly makes an impact rather than having your time or money wasted.

See if Your Country has a Local Charity

First start by doing your due diligence and researching the charity or organization. Is it an international-only charity? Or, can you donate to a local charity in your area that works for that same organization or cause? If you can donate to a local charity that addresses the same issue, then doing so will make the process easier and more convenient for all parties.

Consider Currencies

Obviously, different currencies have different conversion values. If you’re planning to donate internationally, make sure you check the difference and conversion rate between your currency and theirs to ensure your monetary donation is impactful.

Money vs. Supplies

Many charities in your home country may accept donations of food or water, but be sure to check with international groups, as some countries may require stricter dietary regulations. Check to see if you can donate these supplies to this specific organization. As a general rule, do not donate very specific supplies unless they ask for them. Money is almost always the safest bet.

Online Donations

Many organizations will let you make donations online to support them. This generally happens via their website or a third-party financial service that allows you to quickly send money. International or convenience fees may be associated, however.


Donating to charities and philanthropic organizations internationally lets you help people that you may never meet in person. Be sure to research the charity you choose and your means of donating beforehand. You don’t want to face any issues for your donations, so you should send something appropriate (in terms of needs), or send an adequate amount of money. As long as you act wisely, you should be able to help while donating intelligently.