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In today’s world, one of the most responsible things you can do is use environmentally-friendly products when traveling. With a little creativity, these products can be used in the same way as travel products that weren’t environmentally friendly were used in the past.

One example is storing personal items in a silicone sandwich bag. This can be a great way to transport not only snacks, but also toiletries and other necessary travel accessories. A sandwich bag made of silicone is environmentally friendly because it lacks latex, petroleum, and PVC.

Certain non-liquid shampoos and conditioners are also environmentally friendly. Some come in bar form, making them convenient for travel. A single bar of shampoo contains as much product as three bottles would. A single bar of conditioner contains as much product as five bottles would. They are not only compostable but aren’t tested on animals and are preferred by the TSA.

Even luggage can be made environmentally friendly. Purchasing and using a suitcase made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, for example, supports the environment while still providing a useful way to transport items for travel.

Another travel product that favors the environment is reusable utensils made from bamboo. This is a great alternative to plastic utensils because bamboo is very lightweight, as well as heat resistant. It can also be used to create straws that make enjoying a drink easier and more environmentally friendly. Another alternative is to travel with silicone straws. This type of straw is easy to clean and can be reused many times.

A solar-powered lamp is also a must-have travel item. The diversity of this lamp makes it ideal for travel. It can be used on a bicycle, picnic table or even hung around one’s neck. Consuming a few hours of sunshine allows the lamp to provide light for up to an entire day.

Biodegradable dental floss is also recommended for travel. Most dental floss is made of plastic, preventing it from breaking down and in turn, harming the environment. Switching to silk floss is a better alternative.

These are just a few of the environmentally friendly travel products. It is possible to replace almost everything toxic you use when traveling, with products that support the environment.