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To expand on my last blog, the COVID-19 outbreak put a grinding halt to most things in life, including vacations. In addition to cancelled flights, trains, and cruises, international borders are also closed. In fact, in some areas, domestic travel was banned entirely.

In the midst of self-isolating, most people have some extra time on their hands, and while it’s easy to sit and feel sorry about missing an upcoming vacation, why not use this time to work on future travel plans? Although there’s no clear date of when international or domestic travel will be running at full capacity again, it’s still possible to map out upcoming getaways in advance.


Yes, summer vacations are what most people look forward to, and with good reason. Who can resist warm tropical breezes and days that seem to go on forever? As ideal as they are, it doesn’t mean that vacationing in the autumn is any less enjoyable. Autumn offers travelers breath-taking scenic views of fall foliage on both coasts. Travelling during autumn also means fewer tourists and lower rental rates.

Winter Break

Believe it or not, winter is one of the best times to plan a future vacation. In addition to low-cost flights and vacation package deals, there are plenty of places to go. For those who want to travel internationally, Austria and Germany are full of life during the holiday season. If you prefer the tropics, there are also plenty of deals to be had. The key is planning early and booking in advance to lock in these rates.  Always check on cancellation policies, particularly now with the uncertainty around when things will be fully reopened.


Spring is one season that brings about a feeling of renewal. Overcast winter days transform into sunny skies with flowers beginning to bloom. Spring also offers so many possibilities when it comes to travelling. With children on break, families can plan the ultimate family getaway, and with temperatures warming up, there is an endless array of possible locales to visit with minimal luggage needed.

Final Thoughts

Even though most people will still be in stay-at-home mode over the next few weeks (or months), that does mean future vacations can’t be planned in advance. Take this time to research all of the possible options. Just make sure that whichever travel spot is chosen, their borders are open and flights have resumed.